You'll Never Guess Who Was Selected to Pitch at TechCrunch Atlanta

Spoiler:  it's us.  Fittery was selected.

Once more, with feeling:  

Fittery was selected to pitch at TechCrunch Atlanta!

Now, we're not the only ones.  A total of 10 companies were selected pitch at the TechCrunch Atlanta Meetup happening next week.  Some great local companies, like:

reKindness:  a fashion-tech company helping women swap instead of shop.  Sharing economy!

Curricula:  Atlanta's known for cyber security, and Curricula is aiming to be the most effective cyber security awareness training around.

DiaScan:  they're trying to reinvent cancer diagnostics by analyzing CT scans efficiently, affordably, and accurately. 

And several others.  The full article is here, but we're excited to represent Atlanta!