New Year, New Features: Introducing Saved Items

Happy New Year, everyone! I know for me, January is a time to start - and stop - resolutions, like losing weight (stopped), catch up on TV (well on my way, next up is Making a Murderer), and most importantly, setting focus for Fittery's upcoming year.

As part of that focus....we're proud to introduce a new feature that will make your shopping experience on much simpler: Saved Items!  Now, from any search result or product page, simply click the Save star and we'll save that to your account so you can keep track of things you love.

You can find all the items you've saved under the Saved Items link in the profile dropdown menu at the top of the page.

We're always trying to improve, so keep sending us feedback on things we can do to make the Fittery experience better.  Just like our QuickSize tool (set up your Fit Profile in just 42 seconds!) and our Gifting platform (lets you share your Fit Profile with others to get gifts that fit), we're constantly improving the experience for you.

Tell us what you think of the new Save feature in the comments section or shoot us a note. And happy saving!