7 Fall & Winter 2015 Fashion Trends Guys Should Start Wearing Today

The seasons are changing, and you know what that means: new clothes! Here are some great fashion trends for Fall and Winter 2015 that any man can incorporate into his wardrobe.

I know. It’s been a cruel summer. You just want to hide underneath the covers until the sun goes away. But we have good news! The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are changing colors, and fashion retailers are unleashing their new fall and winter stock. 

Unfortunately, we have some bad news too. You can’t just stack on pieces of your summer wardrobe and expect yourself to be ready for the weather. You have to go shopping. But don't worry, because we at Fittery have you covered. Here are some cool seasonal trends to utilize for your Fall/Winter 2015 wardrobe.


Back in a big way. Everything from army green to sage to viridian. Might just be as popular as blue this coming season. Ha, who am I kidding? Blue will always be the most popular non-neutral in menswear. Green is still very stylish. As long as you don’t look like a shamrock, you’re good.


Anything from beige to dark brown will work. These colors are a little more difficult to pull off than grey tones, so be careful.

  • Club Monaco - Skinny Suede Belt, Almond: “Almond? Almond?! What’s that supposed to mean?” It means you need to be wearing it. Just kidding. But this will look good on you. It’s suede too! Very hip.

  • Nautica - Mystic Trifold Wallet, Brown/Stone/White: The great thing about wallets? They go with any outfit. Use this one as a spare wallet to complement a few of your outfits, or use it every day for the rest of your life. You’re the boss.

Complex Red Tones

Is it purple? Is it red? The world may never know. Look for colors like berry or merlot. If you’re having trouble picturing this family of colors, think maroon. You’re looking for bluish, brownish, and reddish derivatives of that color.


  • Land’s End - Men's Glove Belt, Burgundy: A nice leather belt to keep yourself looking sharp. This piece would go best with a pair of grey or tan slacks, but you could always try it with another color.

  • G.H. Bass - Barry Oxford, Bordeaux: A lighter-hued take on this trend. The most obvious thing to pair this with is a pair of brown pants, but a pair of blue jeans could also work very nicely.


Suede, suede, suede. Jackets, shoes, belts… Just no suede undies. Yet. But really, suede damages easily in rain or snow, so plan accordingly. Wear one suede piece at a time. Shearling, which consists of suede on one side and wool on the other side, is very stylish, but don't be thrifty. Pony up for the nice stuff and enjoy.

70s-style silhouettes

Big shirts and jackets and wide-leg pants. Maybe get a little grunge-y. But please, for the love of God, no leisure suits. America can’t handle that much polyester at once. And hey, no giant collars either.

Giant scarves

Last March, Many men spent New York Fashion Week drowning in scarves. But hey, the runway's different from the real world. To avoid looking like Ralphie's little brother, get an extra-long scarf in a classic print or a solid color.

Check prints

Viva la lumberjack. Check prints make it easy to get the look. Check prints are visually dynamic, stimulating without being too out there, subdued without being boring.