Where Men Should Put Their Wallets, and It's Not Where You Think.

Here’s something I’ve noticed that I need to talk about: guys with great-fitting pants on who have stuffed their pockets as though they’re going on a hike.  And honestly, even if you just have a wallet, keys and a granola bar in there, if the pants are fitted, it really sadly ruins the look.  Your wallet is dragging down the back of those pants and making your butt look droopy.  And the things you have in your front pockets are making the overall look sloppy and it makes your hips look...well...hippy.  Like you have lady hips.  This is not a good plan.  But I get it, you want to throw things in your pockets and be unencumbered.  Here’s my suggestion:

  • Get the flattest wallet possible.   They're usually either called magic wallets, card wallets or card cases.
  • Carry a bag.  You’d be surprised at how handy this can be.  You can carry so many things.  A cool one, worn messenger-style, can actually make you appear hotter overall.  I swear.  I should do a whole post on an ode to the messenger bag.  And maybe I will.
  • Put all of your things in said bag.  Strut around.  Realize that sometimes being prepared and looking awesome is better than being unencumbered.  Ponder.