Fittery: Ready to Start.


It's a universal truth:  if you're an online shopper, and you buy clothes online, you've been disappointed.  The excitement of seeing that package at the door and the rush you get when you open it can disappear once you actually try the thing on.  It's too tight, it's too long, even though the size chart said this was the right size for you.  It's frustrating, to say the least.

(Incidentally, my personal problem is my arms are always too short for the sleeves.  Apparently, Tyrannosaurus Rex and I have something in common.)

Shouldn't shopping online be easy?  Isn't that why we love to do it?  Leaning back on the couch while watching "Chopped" in your underwear is a whole lot easier than fighting your way through a crowded store, Walking Dead style.  But the reality is buying clothes online can be incredibly frustrating for shoppers, not to mention the brands that sell them, all because it's hard to understand how things fit.  Some numbers:

  • 1/3 of all clothes purchased online are returned.
  • 60% of those returns are due to fit.
  • And fit is the #1 driver of brand loyalty...once you find a brand and style that works, that's what keeps you coming back.

Size charts can't solve the problem, since they treat every shopper as one of the teeming masses, lumped into general size categories.  On top of that, each brand has different definitions of size, since a Medium in one brand can fit very differently than Medium in another brand.  And it's an absolute pain to return stuff.  At least until we all have personal flying drone butlers to return things for us.  I think I'll call mine Tedsworth.

So we've decided to do something about it.  We're launching Fittery to solve the online fit problem.

Our solution will allow shoppers to enter some information about their body, search across a wide variety of brands, compare fit across products, and select perfectly fitting clothes for them.

No more frustration.  Perfectly fitting clothes.

They always say if you're going to start a company, solve a problem that you know. Catherine and I have built our careers around solving eCommerce problems, but the fit issue is something that we face every day in our own online shopping lives (see T-Rex arms from before).  And we have the team and technology to solve it.

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We're excited to make everyone look and feel better in their clothes and make online shopping a ton easier.  We hope you'll join us for the ride.