Quick Guide to Accessorizing Menswear

The right accessories make any outfit cooler.  Here are some quick tips for accessorizing:

Avoid a Monotone Color Pallette

It’s tempting to stick with safe colors,  but a blue shirt with a blue tie and a blue pocket square just looks boring. Accessories should complement your shirt and suit colors, but they should also add some cool to your outfit.

 J.Crew Houndstooth Tie

J.Crew Houndstooth Tie

Consider this striped tie from Lands End. It has a navy base, but the stripes of red and gold add an eye-catching splash of color without being too bold. The textured surface of the tie will also stand out nicely against your shirt. This houndstooth tie from J. Crew is more muted in color, but has a distinguishing pattern and texture.

Pocket squares are a great way to incorporate bright colors and bold patterns into an outfit. They show such a small amount of fabric that they’re always eye-catching without being an eyesore. This bright paisley pocket square from Black Brown 1826 will add zest to any suit without overpowering the rest of your outfit. Pair it with a blue or purple tie.  

Yes, Your Belt and Shoes Should Match...ish

But that doesn’t mean they have to be the same color. Gone are the days when wearing a black belt restricted you to black shoes. This black Italian leather belt from Paul Frederick would pair well with a pair of sleek oxblood dress shoes or dark gray boots.

The right belt will act as a great focal point for your outfit while enhancing your other accessories. For a pop of color and texture, try this cognac belt from Bonobos or this wine-colored belt from Paul Frederick. Both would look great with either brown or black shoes.

Invest in a Nice Watch

 Nautica Silver Chronograph Watch

Nautica Silver Chronograph Watch

Sure, that rubbery digital watch that you bought on sale four years ago gets the job done, but it tends to detract from a professional look. Have a grown-up watch option. Now is a great time to take advantage of holiday sales (or just add it to your Christmas list). This silver chronograph watch from Nautica is sporty yet sleek, great for the office or a weekend dinner. Blue and Cream’s Classic Timepiece watch is flashy yet sophisticated, if you’re looking for a more eye-catching addition to your professional wardrobe.