What Shirt Cut is Best for Your Body?

Some corners of the Internet will tell you that choosing a cut of a button-front shirt is merely a matter of opinion. But it’s actually a combination of your personal style and your body type that dictates the right shirt style for you. The right shirt cut will positively emphasize the shape of your body, while subtly concealing any body issues you might feel insecure about.  All while reinforcing your personal style.  It’s quite the multitasker. 

Traditional Fit

Also called the classic fit, this is the somewhat less modern option usually favored by more traditional guys. The side seams of the shirt--which start at your armhole and run all the way down--will only taper in slightly at the waist. This cut is meant to fit the average rectangle-shaped male torso with maybe a bit of a belly. It showcases the general shape of your torso, while still being comfortably roomy in the chest and sleeves.

This is also a great cut to wear for long sit-down meetings or a business flight.

Slim Fit

Slim Fit flatters most body types. You don’t necessarily have to be slim - it just means the cut is narrow. It’s generally the best bet for a modern work look.  If traditional fit shirts inevitably look oversized on your body, check out slim fit shirts. Fit-wise, slim cut shirts are narrower at the waist, back and sleeves than traditional cuts.

Extra Slim Fit

An extra slim fit  has an even narrower waist. Also, the side seams extend further up into the arm hole for very close-fitting sleeves. The extra-slim cut is best suited to slimmer guys or guys who spend a lot of time at the gym because it fits very close to the body, and usually has a bit of stretch in the fabric.  

So now you know that you can choose your cut based on both your body and your style.  Go forth and choose wisely.