Our Thoughts on the Man Bun

 Image by "A Silly Person":  https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcoccia/22204636240/

Image by "A Silly Person":  https://www.flickr.com/photos/marcoccia/22204636240/

If you’ve cracked open a magazine some time in the past six months, you’re probably familiar with the “man bun” trend. That’s right: guys with long hair have finally discovered the joy of just sweeping it back into a bun. Even some celebrities, including Chris Hemsworth and Hozier (aka “that Take Me to Church guy”), have popularized the trend. I’m here to share some  thoughts on it, as well as a few cardinal do’s and don’ts. First and foremost…

Yes, We Dig It

Whether he’s rocking a top knot or sporting a low bun, the average guy looks great with a man bun. Pulling back long hair helps define the high points of your face’s bone structure, whether it’s a sharp jawline, defined cheekbones, or big eyes. It showcases your profile and helps you stand out in a crowd. Plus, androgyny is big in the fashion world right now, which means long hair on men is becoming more popular. Not to mention the fact that some of women’s biggest celebrity crushes are showing us just how good the man bun can look.
All in all, man bun is a cute and quirky trend that proves that guys are finally, finally learning how to do something with their hair (you know, besides drowning it in hair gel). Now guys, it’s fine if the man bun isn’t for you, but…

Don’t Shame Dudes Who Rock It

Everyone knows “that one guy” who’s so insecure about his masculinity that he feels the need to mock other guys for not being “manly enough.” He’s the one at your office that talks very loudly about sports or makes it his mission to hit on every woman at a bar. But there’s nothing un-manly about guys with long hair. This is the 21st century, you guys. Don’t operate on outdated standards.

Moving on from my soapbox…

Please, Remember to Shower

Most girls are already used to fighting the temptation simply to put up their hair when it’s messy and dirty. (Trust me, it’s a slippery slope.) Unfortunately, while a lot of man bun guys are just learning the ease of pulling their hair back when it's kind of gross, many have yet to reach the step where they actually wash their hair regularly enough. Keeping your hair clean is imperative, especially when it’s long, and that means washing it at least every other day. (And no, a quick rinse in the sink does not count.) Just because you can get away with keeping it unwashed in a bun for three days, doesn’t mean you should.

Find a Way to Make it Formal

A quick messy bun is fine for a night out or even a day at the office, but if you’re off to a fancy event, you’re going to need to step up your man bun game. Ask any woman who’s had to compose an elegant up-do help together by a mass of bobby pins--a haphazard bun just won’t cut it when you’re trying to pull off a formal look. Learn to craft a neat bun with your hair, otherwise you’ll look lazy and sloppy among a well-dressed crowd.

So there you have it. Respect the man bun, or even give it a try yourself. Just be sure to keep up with proper grooming and style standards.