Spotlight on Fall / Winter Trends: Burgundy


Burgundy is one of the staple colors of fall and winter fashion this year, along with gray and brown. Just what is "burgundy," you ask? Taking it's name from French Burgundy wine, the color is a rich and vibrant dark red imbued with shades of purple. It dates back to the early 1800s, which means it's great for crafting more vintage-themed looks as well as cutting-edge outfits. There are many different shades of the color out there; some are predominantly red, but others look more purple, meaning that you have a variety of versions to experiment with so you can find out which burgundy looks best on you. Let's talk about the many options for this color trend.

So, why wear burgundy?  It's a classic fall and winter color, invoking images of fallen leaves and mulled wine. In past seasons it's been outpaced by gold, red, and deep blue, but because of other fall trends, the stars have aligned for it to make a comeback this year. Burgundy is an eye-catching yet versatile color that can work with a suit, slacks, or jeans, which means it's a great addition to your fall and winter wardrobe.

Burgundy is a bold color, but it can easily be toned down if you're the type to shy away from too-bright looks. This Oxford button-down from Bonobos presents a muted shade of color that would go great with a pair of jeans or slacks. For a look that's brighter and a bit more formal, say for a fall wedding or office party, try this burgundy dress shirt from Express. If the shirt seems a little bold, remember that you could tone it down by pairing it with a solid color tie or by wearing it with a suit.

You can also focus on burgundy accessories to add a pop of fall color to an outfit. Because of the purple tones in the color, burgundy pairs well with purple, blue, and gray, which means you'll be able to wear it as an accessory with a good portion of your fall outfits. (Remember, we're all about mixing and matching when it comes to seasonal wardrobes.) Try pairing either this silk striped tie from Black Brown 1826 or or this brighter textured striped tie from Lands End with a nice blue dress shirt for a sleek fall look. The Black Brown 1826 tie is a more traditional wine-colored shade of burgundy, while the Lands End tie is an example of a purpler shade of the color. You can also try searching for burgundy shirts and accessories with gold accents; the colors pair well together in patterns and create a sophisticated, almost regal look.

For a bit more of a bold vintage throwback, check out this burgundy star-print flannel shirt from Lands End. This season's fashion trends have been dominated by 70s-inspired looks.  Now, I won't pretend to be an expert on the 70s (seeing as my only encounter with the disco era comes from a short storyline on Freaks and Geeks). Repeating decades is a common theme in fashion; remember a couple years ago when 80s-esque metallic fabrics were everywhere? So, if you're a 70s enthusiast, or just into vintage looks, keep that trend in mind.

Burgundy also works great as a part of plaid and checked patterns, which happen to be on the trend list for this fall. (See what I mean about the stars aligning?) While I don't recommend wearing plaid shirts under a suit, they can make for a great casual look. This flannel plaid shirt from J. Crew would do great with a pair of dark jeans and some brown boots, and the mid-weight fabric means you can wear it out without getting overheated. I know that wearing plaid in the fall might seem a bit cliche, but it's hard to knock such a classic look.

Now that you have some great ideas on how to wear burgundy, get started on adding it to your fall and winter wardrobe. Share your looks with us on Twitter and Facebook!